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HealthTech week breakfast

Panel discussion

Wednesday 23rd June, 7-8.30am
Great Hall 1, Cordis Hotel Auckland

Call Out for Change

Following on from the successful WiHT breakfast at the 2019 HealthTech week, we are pleased to bring you our second breakfast event in conjunction with the 2021 HealthTech Week. This is a networking breakfast with a panel discussion focused on the theme “Call Out for Change”. The panellists are knowledgeable and experienced women and man with expertise in the health sector, technology or diversity.


Our first panellist is Dr Elizabeth Berryman. Founder and Director of chnnl, she is a governance guru, with roles on both industry and community-based boards. She has a wealth of experience in the health sector, starting her career as a Registered Nurse in community Māori Health, before becoming a Medical Doctor.


Liz is focused on solutions that help workplaces combat issues such as employee burnout, depression, anxiety and suicide, and is an active researcher in this space. After founding a peer-mentoring programme for medical students and seeing its success, she is now wildly passionate about supporting people’s mental wellbeing through digital tools. Liz will discuss her company chnnl, a start-up with a mission to engage employees, monitor personal mental wellbeing and provide direct feedback enabling management to take action in real-time.

Our second panellist is Margaret Wilsher. She is a practising respiratory physician, Honorary Professor University of Auckland and CMO Auckland District Health Board. Her research interests lie in the field of interstitial lung disease and structure function relationships. She has enjoyed a longstanding collaboration with ABI.


Margaret has been a director of the NZ Health Innovation Hub, oversees research and innovation at ADHB, leads the DHB relationship with University of Auckland and is a member of the steering committee overseeing the implementation of the new NZ Health Research Strategy.


Our final panellist is Grant Frear. He is a Consulting Partner at Deloitte and a member of the Deloitte Board. Grant’s main focus is on facilitating strategic discussions with executive teams and boards, he primarily works at the intersection of technology and strategy, the place where most businesses are experiencing significant disruption.

Grant previously served as the Executive General Manager of Corporate Strategy at ASB Bank, where he defined the digital strategy for the bank and developed an operating model that allowed the business to deliver on its digital objectives and reconfigure its physical network.

During this time Grant was the executive sponsor for Diversity and Inclusion whilst serving on the executive team for ASB Bank and now leads the LGBTI+ activities for Deloitte NZ.

Grant views technology as one of the key things that underpins growth, development and prosperity in a society where businesses have rich opportunities to transform themselves through the use of digital technologies.  Doing so in a way that provides equitable opportunities for all New Zealanders is one area that Grant is passionate about and brings into the work that he does with Deloitte and its clients.

Tickets can be purchased on the HealthTech week website

$35 Non-Members
$30 Member rate
$15 Students

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