Postponed to 24/02 - Encompassing Collaboration & Sparking Connections

February 24, 2021
February 24, 2021
04:00 PM
Level 18, Deloitte Centre, 80 Queen Street, Auckland

Join us for an early evening event with inspiring speakers, and an opportunity to reconnect with leaders in our industry and make new acquaintances and friends.

As 2020 closes out, the evening will provide the perfect forum to be inspired by what we have all achieved this year, to have some fun and to look forward to 2021 with renewed energy.

We are honoured to welcome our inspiring guest speakers:

Dr Elizabeth Berryman

Founder and Director of chnnl, Dr Elizabeth Berryman is a governance guru, with roles on both industry and community-based boards. She has a wealth of experience in the health sector, starting her career as a Registered Nurse in community Māori Health, before becoming a Medical Doctor.

Liz is focused on solutions that help workplaces combat issues such as employee burnout, depression, anxiety and suicide, and is an active researcher in this space.  Liz will discuss her company chnnl, a start-up with a mission to engage employees, monitor personal mental wellbeing and provide direct feedback enabling management to take action in real-time.

Dr Yeri Kim

Dr Yeri Kim trained as a biomedical scientist where she invented a new method of treatment for eye diseases. As a scientist, Yeri worked at the interface of translational research and commercial development. Following her PhD, Yeri joined a private health insurance company to develop a framework to assess the value of novel health technologies for reimbursement. Yeri joined ACC in 2019 to advise on strategic health initiatives to improve the health outcomes of ACC’s clients. Yeri has now joined the Private Markets Investment team to establish an impact investment portfolio that has dual objectives to improve health, safety and wellbeing of New Zealanders while providing a risk-adjusted investment return.

Sally Schmall

Sally was recruited to the NZ Greenhouse in early 2020 from the Deloitte US Human Capital Consulting Practice due to her demonstrated success in designing and delivering experiential and collaborative client workshops across the United States. Through a combination of design and facilitation skills, Sally and her team create custom client sessions tailored to help our clients dig into complex issues and get to breakthrough.

Julie Choisne

Research Fellow at Auckland Bioengineering Institute and MedTech Centre of Research Excellence